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We are a family business that has been letting property for over 50 years and trade as Rainbow Court and J T Tibbetts & Sons (Builders) Ltd.  In this time, we have only let the purpose-built flats, houses and shops constructed by the founders of these businesses; we are not a buy-to-let landlord.  Our values are traditional – fairness and service.

Our tenants set a high priority on peace, quiet and quality surroundings. It is the mutual respect we actively seek to engender between the tenants, their neighbours and the landlord that makes Rainbow Court a desirable place to live.

About Us

Although a family business we also set a premium on professional standards and take regular training from the nationally recognised property expert organisation: Training for Professionals;  we follow their recommended practices and procedures.

We aim to set fair rents, with a regard to the standard of accommodation and affordabilty and we do not seek to profit through hidden charges and admin fees. Although we retain the right to review rents annually, in practice it is unusual for tenants to have their rent increased within the first two years.

At the start of your tenancy, you will receive a welcome pack which should answer every question you can think of and provide you with all the information you could possibly require for a smooth and easy start to your tenancy.

We are members of the National Residential Landlords Association, which campaigns to improve the private rented sector for both landlords and tenants, engaging with policymakers at all levels of Government. Our shared vision is to make renting better for everyone involved in the private rented sector.

Nice things people say about us


It has been a real pleasure living at Rainbow Court. Everything is kept so nicely, it was very pleasant.

K & J

Thank you for being a great landlord to us over the past 2 years!

S & G

We have been able to feel truly at home in both properties and for that we will always be grateful.


I just wanted to say thank you for being a great landlady, I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking of moving in Torquay.


Our properties are advertised through Woods Bryce Baker.  To find out what is available today, please contact the friendly and helpful staff at Woods through their website at

We do sometimes post photographs of properties available on our Facebook page although usually they are snapped up before we can publish a post. 

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If you would like more information regarding rental propoerties with J T Tibbetts & Sons please fill in the contact form on the left or email us directly from the link below. You can also call from your mobile phone by clicking on the phone number.

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173 Queensway
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